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Please enter the details of your trap or the activity in and around an exisiting trap.

DATE – Don’t forget to enter the date in the format Year-Month-Day i.e. 2018-03-18 this will help display things in the right order.

Post Code – This is the only location information you need to enter, it will be used by Google maps to display your information on our map.

Description – Use this area to describe the type of trap you are using for example:

BUXAtrap installed in front garden using syringe type pheromone lure

Dragonfli trap installed in parterre using capsule pheromone lures

Or if describing moth and caterpillar activity:

About 30 moths caught in the last 7 days

Caterpillars found on box hedging, sprayed with XenTari

The more information you are happy to give that will help others know what is going on the better.

You can also upload an image to show the trap or the moth/caterpillar activity.

Please note: any images uploaded must be yours and by uploading it you are giving EBTS permission to use the image in respect of the Box Moth Tracking project.

Asian box moth caterpillars

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